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I am digital marketing manager with over 12 years of experience. Specializes in technical SEO on very large sites with tens of millions of pages and millions of visitors. In my free time I like to lecture on digital marketing and those of you who studied at the School of Communication at IDC probably also met me in digital classes. I really like my job, the challenges in the field (and there are lots of challenges…), love my family and of course my 9 year old daughter Hadar.


How did you get into the world of marketing?

In the happy 90s of the internet, I set up with my brother Eran a technological start-up that raised several million dollars and at its peak employed several dozen people. Although the start-up was technological, I dealt with marketing and data issues and there I discovered the wonderful ability of the Internet – to reach a large number of people in a focused and inexpensive way. Google was still a small startup and the leading search engine (actually a site index) was Yahoo, where I focused my first “SEO” efforts.

After the “burst” of the Internet bubble in the early 2000s, I started working on Yellow Pages, which then took its first steps on the Internet and acquired Zap comparison engine, restaurants directory, delivery website and a number of other sites.

At the beginning of SEO, the work was done mostly based on “gut feelings” and intuition. The transparency in Google was in no way similar to the transparency that exists today (especially about the excellent Google Search Console and the accessibility of John Mueller’s Search Advocates team), So much of the optimization was done by trial and error. We dealt with things that look funny today but it was a special charm to be a witness to the emergence of the SEO industry which is estimated to be worth tens of billions of dollars and is growing at a dizzying pace.

After a few years I moved to manage all the SEO of the Yellow Pages Zap Group, and later I also managed the group’s digital and analytics system. Over the years I have specialized in the technical side of SEO that makes sure that Google can crawl sites with millions of pages optimally and effectively. Later I worked as an in-house SEO for various companies including eToro (SPAC FTCV) and Zoominfo (nasdaq ZI), generating millions of dollars leads from organic traffic.

What is the significant marketing move you have recently led?

There are of course a few.  One of our biggest successes is a 80% increase in organic traffic for a 80 Million pages product-led SEO site, generating millions of additional visitors a year.
In practice, this is a result of a process that included an in-depth product and technical analysis and the use of data from various sources to maximize the site’s ‘crawling budget’.

Second move – everything related to Marketing attribution – associating the conversion to the source of the traffic from which it came. We know to say relatively accurately from which sources visitors come to our sites and not only that – we also know to say what impact each such source has on our revenue.

This allows us to optimize traffic to improve revenue. On a B2B site it is not trivial because the transaction is not done online but lasts for months, involves a large number of factors and it closes offline, so associating the transaction with the campaign from which it came is a big challenge. We have done a very significant job with our BI and development people to complete the project which has already yielded insights that will save the company millions of dollars a year.

What is a good marketing manager in your eyes?

Marketing is a very dynamic field that is becoming more and more complex. A good marketing manager is one who loves to learn, loves technology and also understands psychology – what brings people to act in a certain way, what drives them to acquire.
Nowadays, in order to be precise in the efforts, a good marketing manager needs to know how to rely on data and not on gut feelings. My favorite saying that reflects this truth is “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”

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